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Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not see *your* question, please send us an
EMAIL or give us a call at 843-708-2799


1.. How much room do I need for the castles sized 15'x15'?
Most bouncers require a relatively flat area with a minimum of 17'x17' to set up in. The area needs to be free of any debris, animal droppings, and low wires.

2.. Can we set up on cement?
Yes, we will setup on grass, cement, almost any surface. A two car driveway will work.

3.. Do we need electricity?
Yes, we need electricity for the blowers, bubble machine, and boom-box, if required at your event. We need to be within 50 feet of an outlet.

4.. What ages can bounce in the inflatable?
All ages...even adults!

5.. How do I know Lowcountry Party Animals, LLC will arrive at my event?
We are a reputable company. We are a Christian business and we want our customers to be satisfied. We will call you to confirm reservations the morning of your scheduled event.

6.. Is Lowcountry Party Animals, LLC insured?
Yes. We are fully insured.

7.. Do you require a deposit for my event?
Yes. We do require a $30.00 non-refundable deposit to secure your reservation. Once we receive your deposit you will be contacted.

8.. Can we eat inside the inflatables?
No! Food, drink and/or candy and gum are NOT permitted inside or around the inflatables.

9.. Are rules posted on the inflatables for the safety of everyone?
Yes. The rules are written on the inflatables and pictures are provided for the little ones who can't read..

10.. Is an attendant provided with rental of an inflatable?
Yes. We set up and take down the inflatables..

11.. Can all ages jump inside the bouncers at one time?
No. Compatible age groups must play in the units at the same time.

Pony, Horse, & Miniature Horse Riders

1.. Is the animal safe for young children to ride?
Yes.Our animals are very safe calm and quiet. We hand lead the animal. For very young children and infants, we have an attendant walk along beside the animal. Parents are welcome to walk along with their child.
Don't forget the camera!

2.. What is the maximum weight that Lowcountry Party Animals allows on the pony?
We will allow up to 120 lbs on the pony at one time.

3.. Will you allow two children to ride at the same time?
Yes. Riding double is permitted on our horses provided that the combined total weight does not exceed 120 lbs. on the pony. We only allow single riders on the miniature horse with weight not to exceed 65lbs. Our other horses do not have a maximum weight requirement.

4.. Does the animal wear a diaper?
No, but we take care of full cleanup of all our animals.

5.. Do special shoes or boots need to be worn while riding the animal?
No, but we do prefer that shoes of some type be worn on the ride.

6.. Do you require riding helmets while on the ride?
No. We are near each rider at all times. A helmet is available at every event upon request of anyone that feels that they would like to wear one.

7.. Do you set up boundaries for the animal rides?
Yes. We set up a flagged area based on the space provided upon request.

8.. Will the attendant allow time for the horse to rest at my event?
Yes. We love our animals and make sure that they are well taken care of.

9.. Will you give animal rides in the rain?
Yes. In the event of rain, we will continue giving animal rides. We however will stop the ride if lightening is a factor.

10.. How much ridetime do you need to allow for each rider?
Allow a minimum of 3 minutes for each rider. Ridetime, of course, is not limited to 3 minutes, and each person may ride as many times as time permits.

11.. Do you have more than one pony?
We have a miniature horse that children may ride. The weight limit may not exceed 65 lbs. We have other horses that allow for all weights and sizes. Just let us know what you need.

12.. I do not want to ride...but may I have my picture taken with the pony, horse, or miniature horse?
Yes. All of our animals love to have their picture taken with you.

13.. Do you provide a basic western horsemanship instruction course?
Yes. We will come and speak at your school, camp, church, etc. for a 30 minute class that covers safety, parts of a horse, colors/breeds, grooming, tack, saddling, mounting, aids, and a riding demonstration if

14.. How far does Lowcountry Party Animals, LLC travel?
We are in the state of South Carolina. Certain minimum amounts of service are required and must be met for a crew to travel to you. We figure service amounts to include travel charges to your location.

If you do not see *your* question, please send us an
EMAIL or give us a call at 843-708-2799


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